For Employers

What is Chute?
Chute is a web-based tool that helps employers source talent for technology opportunities in Kansas City. Chute highlights what is important to tech talent – company culture, life and work – on profiles that help candidates envision themselves living in Kansas City and working for your company. On Chute, job-seekers don’t just see a job – they see a long-term opportunity.

Who may post jobs on Chute?
Any Kansas City-based company that is hiring for technology-related positions may post on Chute.

What is the difference between a KC Tech Council member account and a non-KC Tech Council member account?
Companies that are members of KC Tech Council – the Technology Council of Greater Kansas City receive discounted pricing and maximum visibility on Chute. Non-KC Tech Council members do not receive public company profiles or the ability to publish blog posts. Click here to learn more about KC Tech Council membership.

What types of positions are appropriate to post on Chute?
Job postings are the employer’s discretion. Generally, any position that is part of a technology team or that regularly works with the technology team, or that requires technical skills is an appropriate position to post on Chute. Please avoid posting positions that are not located in the Kansas City region.

What are the specifications for images on my profile?
Main image should be at least 1000px wide. It is resized to 988x401px maintaining proportions (2.46:1) and cropping what is not fitted into view. Secondary images are resized to 325x270px maintaining proportions (1.2:1).

Who will see my job postings?
Chute’s multichannel marketing strategy targets technology talent outside the Kansas City market.

How will I know if a candidate applied for my position on Chute?
When a candidate clicks “Apply,” on a Chute posting, all of the users of the employer’s account will be notified via email. The “Apply” button redirects a candidate to the job posting on your company site, so candidates apply through your regular applicant tracking system.

Do my job listings have to be for positions located in Kansas City?
Jobs on Chute must be located in the Kansas City region. You may post virtual positions for an office or team in Kansas City, but each job posting must have a connection to the Kansas City region.

What if I post a job that is not located in Kansas City?
Job postings that do not meet guidelines on Chute will be flagged as inappropriate and removed. Removed job postings are not eligible for reimbursement.

Pricing and Feature comparison

For Job-seekers

What is Chute?
Chute is a portal to technology opportunities in the Kansas City region. We know that when you’re looking for a new job, the position isn’t the only thing you care about. Chute shows you what it’s like to work for the companies hiring in Kansas City, and what it’s like to live there.

What happens when I apply for a job on Chute?
When you click “Apply” on Chute, you are redirected to the employer’s own application site to continue the application process.

What if I don’t have a LinkedIn account?
Job-seekers who are not on LinkedIn can sign up manually on Chute. We’ll simply collect some info on your work history and primary skills.

How is my information used?
Part of growing the Kansas City tech workforce is being able to identify skills gaps and workforce shortages. Job-seeker information contributes to Chute’s real-time data tracking. The information you provide helps Chute identify trends in the Kansas City regional tech workforce to improve hiring processes and education development. If you click “Apply” on Chute, the employer receives an email notification.

Do I have to pay to use Chute?
No, Chute is free to all job-seekers.

Member ($49/post) Non Member ($99/post) KC Tech Council Premier Sponsor
Public company profile X X
Custom Blog Post Publisher Access X X
Image-driven, 60-day job postings X X X
Application notifications X X X
Up to 5 users X X X
Access to Kansas City lifestyle content X X X
Unlimited Postings X