We are Service Management Group (SMG)

Our Office
Our Office

FISH ARE PART OF OUR DÉCOR – AND OUR CULTURE.Fish have always been a part of the SMG environment. In the beginning, fish tanks brought life to our basement workspace. Today, 5,000 gallons of saltwater circulate through tanks on every floor of our LEED Gold certified headquarters. Because they’ve always been with us, fish have become a symbol of loyalty and longevity at SMG.


PROMOTING HAPPY, HEALTHY EMPLOYEES.Research (we’re fans of research) indicates healthy employees are happier and more productive. So when we can, we take the stairs and take advantage of on-site fitness options. We’re also fans of Kansas City Corporate Challenge, not to mention the current champions. And, we champion a sustainable community — composting or recycling 90% of the materials used in our building.


SMG was born in the basement of a fiercely independent Kansas City ad agency. After a few very successful years with a group of loyal clients, SMG left its in-house status and created a company with a singular goal — to become the leader in customer and employee insight.