We are Hallmark Cards, Inc.

Our Office
Our Office

The real power of Hallmark’s brand lies with people, all around the world. Because what we create only matters when it is shared with someone else. Our brand is a promise to the consumer – our pledge to provide the very best, now and in the future.Hallmark is no stranger to change. We’ve seen plenty of it in our first century. And the second century promises more… even faster, more far-reaching.


Work-life balance – easy to say, not so easy to accomplish. Although at Hallmark, we're always looking for ways to lend assistance to employees trying to juggle career with the rest of life.


When your business is helping people make emotional connections with others, based on an enduring set of beliefs and values, it tends to attract employees who want to make a positive difference.And when quality and caring are at your core, that makes Hallmark not just a nice place to work… but a nice place, period.