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NetStandard is a leading provider of strategic information technology solutions that include managed technology services, virtual machines, cloud computing and data center services, all supported 24x7 by our expert team of engineers. We value the importance of every client, every account and every relationship. We are proud to offer technology services that help small and mid-sized businesses become leaner, quicker and more competitive.


We support our community and each other with rewarding community outreach programs. Our employees regularly come together to volunteer their time to make Kansas City a stronger, more vibrant place for all to live in, and we take pride in offering support services to nonprofits of all sizes. We like to think of our workplace as a community, too--every employee contributes to our growth strategy in their own way. We are all valuable!


We offer an employee benefits program that rewards staff members who positively contribute to our work environment with PTO and gift cards, and employees are eligible for referral bonuses. Our engineers receive incentives based on customer satisfaction and utilization performance, and our junior engineers are encouraged to expand their knowledge base with training programs. We offer a competitive benefits package and a corporate wellness program.