We are The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City

Our Office
Our Office

Great cultures are built on diverse backgrounds, experiences and interests. These differences generate passion, energy and commitment. Our culture fosters an environment in which people feel trusted and encouraged to share ideas, skills and opinions within and across teams. We value service, integrity, diversity, personal and professional growth and ideas that strengthen our efforts to accomplish the mission of the Federal Reserve.


Work-life balance is critical in maintaining an excellent, engaged workforce. This balance is different for each of us because everyone has different priorities and different lives. The Kansas City Fed is committed to creating a supportive, flexible environment that engages employees and maximizes performance through worksite health and wellness, comprehensive benefits, community involvement programs, and a variety of employee activities.


Our technology experts deliver high quality applications, payments systems, and information management solutions on behalf of the Federal Reserve and U.S. Treasury. Our technology professionals work in agile and collaborative environments in multiple areas, including big data, Business Intelligence, project management/business analysis, solution/application architecture, software development, SQA, UX, and application development and support.