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Our Office
Our Office

We know Kansas City for it’s BBQ’s, but did you know it’s also gaining attention for its startup ecosystem. We’re right in the heart of a shared workspace and a country where our users love us most.

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We’re operating at a scale few other companies are, and you’ll be doing challenging work that impacts millions. You’ll get breakfast and lunch provided everyday in our fully stocked kitchen and bar areas. Learning is a core value of ours, and we provide opportunities to attend conferences and events that help you grow. As long as you give your best, we don’t care where it is or what you’re wearing.


Twice per year, we get the entire team together for a week of collaboration and fun. There's fun adventures, inspiring talks, shared meals and a hackathon where you'll have 24 hours to work together to build a new feature, redesign an existing one, or do whatever you want. It's challenging, rewarding, and a lot of fun.